Guardiola geht, die Reaktionen der Spieler!

Die ersten Reaktionen der Spieler auf Facebook/Twitter:


„Although I only was with him for 1 year it felt like a lot more. For me Pep was my hero as a kid

… and an inspiration as a manager. Thank you for the little time we spent, I will cherish it always.“


„Many thanks for giving us so much, Pep… Four years full of victories, joy and, above all, football lessons.“


„You reached the highest in football and you’ll stay there forever! We’re eternally grateful. THANK YOU PEP!“


„I wholeheartedly want to thank Pep for everything he has given me in my professional and personal life. Because it’s all very emotional and the press would be looking for good images, I preferred not to attend Pep’s press conference.“


„MANY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING PEP!!! You have shown us the way… A very big hug“

Dani Alves:

„It’s a sad day because of the decision of PEP, someone who has always treated us as a son. We feel bad and can now only thank Pep for all he has given us, not only footballwise but also personally“


„A Great Person. A great Master. Thanks Pep“


„I want to thank the coach and his team for these years, without forgetting the season isn’t over yet“


„Thanks Pep for everything you’ve given to the club.“


„Thank you Pep for these two years together and what you’ve given Barça beyond titles. Congrats to Tito. No one better than you.“


Ein Kommentar zu “Guardiola geht, die Reaktionen der Spieler!

  1. Banxter sagt:

    Mir gefällt Messi’s Aussage sehr und die von Cesc.
    Machs Gut PEP!!
    Ich würde gern noch wissen was Xavi und Valdes dazu sagen…

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