Puyol: „It’s just like taking your car in for a service“

Barca-Kapitän Carles Puyol (34) über seine Verletzung, das Verpassen der Euro und sein (mögliches) Karriereende.

“It’s just like taking your car in for a service. I was more worried about it last year, but this year I’m more optimistic – soon I’ll be back to full fitness”.

“I didn’t know then what the injury was, but it’s clear now and the doctors have recommended I give my knee a good clean out. If I carried on playing, I’d put my team and my knee at risk“

“It’s a bad time for it to happen and I’m annoyed about that. The Cup Final is the best game of the season for me, it’s incredible. I’ll still try and help my teammates all I can from the sidelines and try and enjoy the match”.

„It looks like I won’t make it, we’ll see how the operation goes, but I think it will be impossible  – I need recovery time too. I was very excited about getting my 100th cap and going to the European Championships, but now I am just focussed on my operation and getting back to full fitness as soon as I can. I’m sure it’ll turn out okay.  The fairest thing is that the best players go there.“

„If there’s one thing I am clear about, it’s that I want to retire on the pitch, not in surgery. I’ll see how I am next season and take a final decision then“

Dieser Beitrag wurde in Puyol veröffentlicht und mit getaggt.

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