Jordi Alba unterschreibt offziell bei Barca

Jordi Alba hat gestern offiziell seinen bis 2016/17 laufenden Vertrag beim FC Barcelona unterzeichnet. 10.000 Fans begrüßten den 23-jährigen Linksverteidiger bei seiner Präsentation im Camp Nou. Die Ablösesumme wurde auf 90 Millionen € festgesetzt. Alba wird nächste Saison mit der Rückenummer 18 auflaufen.

“I’m happy to come home, with my family and my people. I’ve realised my dream,”

“I’m going to play for the best team in the world and I want to adapt as quickly as possible. I know the philosophy and most of the players. I’ve changed the way I play, before I was a striker and now I’m a left back or an attacking midfielder.”

“When the tournament was over I talked with Tito and he congratulated me for agreeing to come to Barça. They have told me marvelous things about him and Guardiola. Vilanova is very capable, I’m sure we’ll have a phenomenal run with him.”

“I get along great with the Barça players. I’ve known some of them for a long time. When we were on international duty I could tell they wanted me to come to Barça.”

“We were together at Valencia. He (David Villa) was already a star and I had just arrived and he helped me a lot. When I made my debut with the national team he was among the first to call me, and now, with my signing, he was one of the first to write me and congratulate me.”


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