Abidal verlässt Barca

Wie schon früher von uns berichtet hat Eric Abidal heute bekannt gegeben, dass er den FC Barcelona nach 6 Jahren verlassen wird. Der Franzose möchte noch 1-2 Saisonen weiter Fussball spielen. Interesse geben solls unter anderem aus Frankreich (PSG, Monaco), USA und Quatar. Danach soll „King Eric“ in anderer Funktion wieder zum FC Barcelona zurückkehren.

„This is a difficult day. I have played six years at Barça, the most intense period of my life, together with great teammates.“

„I wanted to continue here, but the club saw it differently and I respect that. I leave now, but I will be back.“

„The future? I have offers, need more time to think about them. Now I first I want to play some last minutes at the Camp Nou.“

„My message to the fans is: thank you. I will always carry them with me, because of the support they have given me.“

„5 moments of my time at Barça: my debut, day tumor was found, return at Camp Nou after surgery, lifting CL trophy, and today.“

„The team has been a second family for me. We’ve lived a lot together, everybody gets along great, it’s something I will cherish.“

„The doctors can’t say until when I can play, but I hope to play for two more years, until I’m 35. My body will decide.“

Merci Abidal!

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