Neymar: „I hope to have a great history here.“

Hier ein paar Zitate von Barcas Neuzugang Neymar Jr. bei seiner ersten Pressekonferenz der Saison:

“Before coming to Barcelona, I’ve learned a bit of catalan, and I hope I can continue learning it here.“

“Barcelona is a marvellous city, but what has most impressed me is the group of players here.“

„Playing with Barça is a wonderful feeling, it means my childhood dream turning into reality. I’m more than happy.“

„The atmosphere in the team is wonderful. I’m living a dream. I turn my head and I see Messi, Xavi, Iniesta or Puyol…“

„Romario, Ronaldo and Rivaldo have been three great players at Barça. I also hope to have a great history here.“

„I play every game with the same motivation, be it an oficial game or a friendly, I always play as if it’s a CL final.“

„I’m happy to be at Barcelona. It will be special to play against Santos, against my ex-teammates, but I’ll defend Barça’s colours.“

„I’m here to help the team and the team-mates, be it with passes or with goals

„My relation with Messi is wonderful, he’s a great person. He’s a leader, the best player in the world, I’m here to help.“

„My relation with Martino is very good, he talks a lot with the players, I talk with him every day. He’s a great coach.“

„I’m working hard to get better physically, I feel stronger every day. I lost weight after my tonsil surgery but I’m better now.“

„Competing with other wingers? Pedro, Tello and Alexis are three great players, fast, smart… That’s why they play at Barça.“

„I talked with Tito, but I haven’t been able to work with him. I send him a hug and I wish him a quick recovery.“


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